Hello everyone! A few weeks ago we made a [post about updates being made to the client frame](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/gameplay/x2Fs6tiX-updates-made-to-the-clients-frame) and how we wanted to address a few key pain points. One area we also focused on for improvements was the Info Ticker. We set out to make the messages clearer when there is an issue impacting the service by adding... - Support for longer informative messages - Scrolling for long messages - Better support for multiple messages - Opt-in viewing that is not disruptive and allows you to easily view all messages There is still a bit of work left for us to do, but it should work in being able to display server messages in a clear and informative way. For testing, we may be posting messages a bit more frequently than normal for PBE, so let us know how the ticker feels for you. As always, thanks for checking it out and providing feedback on the Ticker and the rest of the frame :)
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