Smashgizmo since the "minor" rework thread is getting so overloaded...

Can you tell us what is and is not working for akali so far? Is she actually having success compared to other reworks? I have only seen akali get snowballing once in 10 games and that was because of a no skill quinn who literally gave zero effort required kills over. Meanwhile I see Rengar, Talon, Leblanc, Kat, and fizz snowballing on one team almost every game. Are people actually having a fairly reliable time getting her passive off in fights and it is really making up for the massive damage nerf to her ult and removal of the damage of her old passive? The most common issue that people have seems to be the flow of her combo is way out of sync compared to live. THis is not even including her ult being used 2 or 3 times. **Would making her shroud have 2 parts be on the table?** The first where she places the shroud like on live servers in a selected location, and then second being the "mini flash" be worth considering? This would keep some aspects like the slow as a good utility factor for helping allies. I get what you are trying to do with this change but the simple fact is that you are FORCED to have your battle ground where you are instead of where you want it to be. You want it with an edge in a bush making people think you are going to run into the bush while you are actually going to run the other way? Too bad you get where you are standing even though it is out of range from a bush and you know getting into range means you are going to get blown up. She already has among the lowest escape reliability of all the assassins that are part of the rework this is to make her shroud more diverse. 60/20 for the energy costs of each part. Is there any consideration to **making Crescent slash proc her passive and/or Q Mark** on enemy champs to make getting a combo off a bit safer instead of having to auto twice? The new passive has made her extremely vulnerable to enemy CC and getting straight out blown up before she can even get stealthed. Is there any consideration in** making crescent slash not interrupt other abilities and auto attacks**? This would make there not be the issue if stoping autos mid way through the animation when using this ability. Is there any consideration in making her go **back into stealth faster after attacking?** These windows of vulnerability in addition to lower damage are not making it easy to kill people and get out alive which seems to be part of the goal with the shroud changes. Is the ult base and AP ratio nerf **promoting tank builds?** Would an **AD ratio on her ult** be another thinkg for consideration? This would make some of the AD items like Maw and duskblade well worth getting. **Is the 2 second cooldown on her ult something that can not be changed to say 1.5 seconds** while still being effected by CDR given she is not a huge CDR builder? This cooldown has made her literally a sitting duck for at least a second especially when trying to chase using minions. I liked this part of her kit since it allowed you to take advantage of elements other then the enemy champ to get an advantage but now it is just asking to die doing this. **Can her attack animation be more responsive?** Most Akali players know just how frustrating and common it is to cancel autos on her that would have killed the target. With even more of her kits power relying on auto attacks this is more important then ever. While the damage numbers of the from a combo is comparable it is nothign compared to the old damage output when you throw in the cooldown times on the abilities. Yes energy can be an issue but it is not the real limiting issue. Calculated for one single combo including both parts of Q, E, R and 2 auto attacks at level 16 with Q, E and R maxed, 300 AP 105 base AD and 50 bonus AD the **damage output for the new combo is about 1334** and for the **old combo is 1446**. The 2 auto attacks is just to give an example of what has to be done with the new combo and is not really required for the old combo. This does not include sheen procs which in this case would be another 228 damage on both. **FYI CATMAN** I know what you are going to say and you don't need to bother.
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