Should Mordekaiser lose the dragon?

Right now, I'm really on the fence about whether or not I like this dragon. It feels like something that just ties up more power in an ultimate that already holds an expansive amount of his kit (and has gotten nerfed repeatedly because of its power) The pros of what dragon offers: + It's a very powerful tool in the right hands, giving you extreme map presence by nature of it being able to move the entire map away from you. A Mordekaiser with teleport or just a plan to splitpush can either send himself or the dragon into a fight while the other goes to push down a tower or another objective, while also entering fights together for powerful turret siege + It makes bruiser builds into tank builds for as long as it's up. You gain a fairly big chunk of it's health, which feeds into your shield as well. This gives you the ability to build a little more damage than normal. Kind of. + Since it has no cooldown besides it's slow auto attacks, it's a great way to keep dealing damage and being relevant while your spells are on cooldown. It's a good buff to his DPS, _when he can get it._ Now, for the drawbacks.. - If you opt for damage builds, then you are drastically more vulnerable than before unless you can score a dragon. I feel like this was intended, but it also feels very limiting, especially if Mordekaiser wants to push while the enemy team is distracted at an objective. - The extra stats honestly feel superfluous sometimes, because you're actually punished for being tankier because your shield decays based on your maximum health. - It feels very binary at times; being denied this is almost crushing, but managing to snag it means you're almost impossible to deal with unless you get caught in a 1v5. Even then the dragon's damage will be enough to keep you alive a little longer. - You can't use your ultimate while it's up. Honestly, there are times when I'd rather have that giant chunk of health, whether it be for emergency sustain on a nearby tank or to nuke a carry in range. It's an indirect nerf to burst-kaiser because even if dragon can attack for him while his spells are on cooldown, he doesn't have that powerful tool to really sway the game. This feeds into that "win harder" mentality I feel this dragon brings to the game. I feel like, as interesting as this mechanic is, it offers too much power -- it's literally an instant, MASSIVE power-spike for doing what's expected of you as a team player, and it's a fairly potent reason why the rest of his kit suffers. I think that if the dragon ghost were removed or at least nerfed, we could round out the rest of him a little more so that he's not no snowbally simply by virtue of his team securing dragon for him. It'd also ease up on solo-lane Mordekaiser, ESPECIALLY top which I feel loses far too much power to be a viable option, or at the very best case scenario he's forced to save his TP in order to take a dragon ASAP. I think an option would be to have the dragon ghost scale with Mordekaiser's current power-level and his ult ranks, rather than the ghost scaling being based solely on the dragon's level. This might make it stronger late game depending on his build, but it would be weaker early on so as to prevent him gaining a massive lead and then stomping with it.
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