Rapid Firecannon not working properly with Rengar's Leap. (Passive)

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**Hi there!** **I am very happy with the upcoming changes in the next season, and I mostly like the new items, like {{item:3094}} for example. ** So, I was playing a game with Rengar and decided to build it to see what would happen, and I was really dissapointed because it doesn't work with Rengar's leap. Rengar is supposed to get the limit range from the item (150) when he is on a bush or when is on stealth. I played a custom match and tested it again, and I just noticed that it doesn't work at all. I am supposed to have 725 range , [125 + 600](https://gyazo.com/7065b8570f529028f0b09551bcc5ee63) , with bonus 125 coming from my passive item, [Bonetooth necklace](https://gyazo.com/1f3f0d8084cf304328dfce817b6e8970). With the [item](https://gyazo.com/a74fc1c212905be90565105a70943d8c), that should be 875 range, but it doesn't work. Is this intended or is it a **_bug_**? ~~rito pls fix~~ Thank you for **your** attention! Have a nice day! Emanuel ''Lah0s'' .
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