Aurelion Sol's R idea

Right now Aurelion Sol cant activate inmediately his Q, so when a melee enemy is inside of his small orbit, he is dead. His R is the only one skill which can use to defend himself in that moments, but, his R, as any ultimate, have too much cd. So, I have an idea. Why not change his R damage (lower one) and convert his R into a charge system. Besides, Aurelion Sol could spit his fire for 2 or 3 sec, and can move his trajectory (like Vel'koz R), and instead a directly push to his big orbit, could be bit by bit over the duration. So, althought this ability could be countered just dodging it, so AS would have more tools to survive agains melee champs. On the other hand, Aurelion Sol stopped spitting fire would be so nice as a GREAT DRAGON :D (and he would have a new cc to the game) I think it is a good idea, but it is only that. An idea. Thanks you for read (sorry for my english) and I hope your opinion!
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