he is very good atm, but, here the things i feel unconfortbale with: Q: the shield duration is too short, it needs to be 2 seconds, because null sphere no longer have defensive use atm in lane, is the harass tool of kassadin, even with the damage nerf, so isnt usefull if the other cant respond with a magic skill against you, that is the normal scenario cuz you Q and walk out of range. W: 40% missing mana restore is just too much, should be 20 - 25% max. R: first, the damage is underwhelming, even having a full stacked RoA, a seraphs embrace and a lich bane, you need the 600 mana charge to get the caster minion line in 1 ult, that is a huge mana expenditure to reach the damage every other ap champ have at lvl 5 with just 2 dorans rings, riftwalk needs to have an ap scaling, maybe 0.3 in the first jump and +0.1 in the subsequent ones, and second, 1200 mana is just too much, the cap should be 600, that or reduce the timer between jumps from 12 to 8 seconds.
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