@Riot, I beg you...

As someone who reached diamond, got his first lvl5 mastery playing Poppy and is still playing league JUST because of Poppy, I think the rework is a failure. I beg you ! Please take more time to think about the Poppy rework. I honestly don't think she really needed a rework that much, she was a niche champion that was extremely fun for a select category of persons and never bothered anyone else... There was no need to completely butcher her identity and playstyle and turn her into something different. Things I like'd before : - Being a lategame melee champion (which is also why I play Irelia/Jax/Tryn/Yasuo/Yi) - Her extremely high risk high reward playstyle - Carrying potential - Insane burst - Build flexibility - Mixed damage (I really like her magic crits with Q) All of those were butchered by the rework... I really, really miss her old damage and carrying potential. You did a complete 180 flip on her, turning her from a lategame anti-carry like {{champion:24}} {{champion:39}} to a tanky support like {{champion:201}} {{champion:223}} . I enjoyed being that little ball of death. I enjoyed bursting someone like a true assassin I enjoyed dealing magic damage to people who stack armor because can't be bothered to read the death recap. I enjoyed having a flexible build path. {{item:3146}} {{item:3124}} ? {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} ? {{item:3078}} {{item:3025}} ? {{item:3100}} {{item:3089}} ? {{item:3742}} {{item:3156}} ? Doesn't matter... I could build it all ! Anything I wanted ! She was a really good champion with unique abilities, mixed damage, build flexibility and carrying potential... and all of that was ruined by turning her into a CC "fighter" (she's more like a tank instead) who has abysmal AD ratios, only physical damage (you can't really count her E damage), and lower damage. She has less damage, less tankyness, less carrying and duelling potential, all of this because Riot is trying to pigeonhole her into a "protect the Kog'maw" champion, whereas now on live her actual role is to demolish that Kog'maw. She lost her high risk high reward playstyle and turned into a {{champion:223}} that just sticks to the true carries to make sure they stay alive. I, of course, think the new abilities are fun but IT'S NOT Poppy ! You could have a totally new champion with that personality/abilities. I know to attract new players to try because she's now more cute, but they'll soon realize that she's now boring to play with. Sure... throwing someone out of a fight is fun for the first time, but it soon gets boring because you realize how limited she has become. I believe the rework will actually make even less popular because she got nerfed, most of the poppy mains who used to play her because SHE IS an assassin/fighter will probably stop playing her, and the new "poppy mains" will actually stop playing her after 3 games because she really became boring. Maybe it's just that playing tanks/support is not my style, but that WAS exactly the reason I played Poppy : she wasn't a tank... Now her damage is mostly physical and her lategame damage is inexistant... If I want to play something like that, Braum and Alistar already exist. Hell, atleast {{champion:201}} {{champion:223}} are actually alot funnier and have better duelling potential than the new Poppy. You might say it's stupid of me to judge her based on lategame and damage, but that's exactly why I play Poppy. What if Jax or Tryndamere turned into tanks ? That's stupid... And I'm not even going to talk about her new personality... RIP serious, determined warrior {{champion:78}}
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