Hello! Just wanted to chime in to give out a little feedback about Jhin's impact VFXs, as seen in the attached link. To me, they feel a bit odd, due to two things: - They intersect the ground way too much. Ground intersection is okay when it's not too noticeable but here, especially with the scale/rotation over time, it feels really odd, especially when you compare it with the HIGH quality of the skin. Maybe render it on the upper layer, so that it renders above the ground? - They disappear in one frame. No fade out, no dissolve. Just poof, gone. I think this could/should be resolved using a dissolving effect, since it is essentially ink, and it is actually used on other billboards. I know this is PBE, and maybe it just isn't entirely done yet, I don't know, but well, since I'm completely in love with that skin, I thought I'd just give my opinion on that little issue. :) Besides that, I LOVE the colors used, especially for the ultimate 1/2/3rd bullets. Dat sweet blue light on the bullets fading out on the trail is amazing. \o/ Also love the ink symbols following the 4th one, even though the impact doesn't live up to its potential, due to this little thing. ;-; TL;DR: Amazing skin, just wish the impact ink billboards felt a bit better. ^-^ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} EDIT: Same for those two ground effects below. They disappear in one frame, and it looks off. :c http://imgur.com/ogAh4NW http://imgur.com/0FdOqpr
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