Soo... the vel rework is gonna flop

Did some number crunching, made some pretty pictures [from some excell sheets]( New vel exchanges allot for one strength. **---His laning phase is more polar**: lvl 6 if the enemy flashes or jukes or dashes your combo.... the rework nerfs your ult damage by over 200. Already tough matchups become even worse (... fizz/leblanc/exc), good matchups... well as long as you have great jungler CC to follow up on or rush frost queens, you could be very slightly better off. **---Vel is now gold dependent**: You can suffer MASSIVELY when you don't get fed. Your damage is similiar from a full combo (less on a squishy, more on a tank) yet you are losing your entire ability to aoe enemies or kill anyone who jukes E. Tough stuff when you have a weaker laning phase **---Tanks can stack HP**: The new best target for vel is someone he can reliably land a full combo on (or else his damage plummets), and that tends to be the enemy frontline. The thing is, tanks don't gain much by building MR against vel, so instead if they just stack hp and armor.... doing 2k dmg with vel by blowing every skill, lvl 15, is great.... but not if your target has 4k hp or steraks.
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