A Poppy Mains Feedback

As a Poppy main who hated the painstaking laning phases; rarely any mana, impossible trades, and an unbalanced all around game, this Rework was looked forward to since the day it was announced to be in progress. But there are a few differences I don't like, and I'm sure the community of not only general players, but Poppy mains/enthusiasts can agree on. This is my opinion backed by some facts, but here is my go on **Things about the Poppy rework that should be changed**. I know it's early on in the update as well, but it's better to get a good idea on Poppy's new identity sooner than later. **Starting off with Design-** 1. Poppy's Particle effects on her non-base skins are quite unmatching and plain. (IE : Noxus, Scarlet Hammer, maybe Lolipoppy) 2. Her face looks uncannily hyper-realistic and non-yordle-esque. Her eyes should be made a bit bigger, and her chin is a bit too chiselled. 3. The distinction between a red and blue team Poppy's shield on the floor is quite hard to tell the difference, at least in my case. (Playing on fullscreen 1080P with max graphic settings and no eye-candy) 4. Her AA feels very powerful animation wise, however it is not very responsive, and I often times feel like I stutter on my passive attack. 5. Her base mana regen is still a little bad. **Her Passive-** 1. It's very hard to get her shield in a teamfight. 2. Some other people have recommended a lead-on system such as with Draven's Axes. I think this is a great idea as it will give more mechanically inclined players a better chance at outplays by being able to chose your positioning while simultaneously grabbing your shield, and making her (somewhat lackluster at the moment) shield not impossible to grab. This will make the ability more impactful, but not overpowered by any means. 3. BUG - Her passive interacts normally with Ravenous Hydra (applying the AOE where the auto attack lands), but with Titanic Hydra, it applies the cone out of her playermodel, which is essentially useless for a ranged auto attack. **Her Q-** 1. The outline on her Q's AOE is a bit hard to see 2. The damage is very very lackluster. The AD scaling is low (only .65 of BONUS AD) This makes it very hard for a non-full-damage Poppy to be able to use her Q as a reliable damage source. 3. The 6% Health damage seems very unnoticeable. 4. Other than above, it seems to be a good ability. I like the way it works and the feel of it. You can use it to kite now which is great. **Her W-** 1. The speed buff does not last long enough. Possibly keep the no-dash buff at 2.5 seconds at all ranks, but increase the duration per spell rank? 2. The passive armor and MR is absolute garbage. Building full tank poppy is the only plausible way to get any sort of value out of it. Possibly make the scaling raise with spell rank? (12>14>16>18>20) 3. The AP ratio is pointless, as it's low scaling and isn't even good for a source of damage anyway. Maybe make it slow/root instead of do damage? 4. Other than that, it's a very unique ability and I find it as a great tool to outplay opponents. **Her E-** * Exactly the same as her live E, but with AD instead of AP scaling. * I would complain about her E not giving enough breathing room after a stun but that's already confirmed fixed by Riot. * Not much to say here, it's a core part of Poppy. **The big one. Her R-** 1. For defensive use, this is a great idea. 2. For offensive use, the only possible way to use it offensively is by just tapping it for a giant knockup. It's literally just ASKING to be used incorrectly and can easily ruin a teamfight by accidentally charging it up too much. Since the knockup makes enemies untargetable, there's no real way to follow up on it, as it's essentially a mixture between Braum and Bards ult. It creates a sort of Hockey-Puck-Drop effect where after her ult is used as an engage, both teams are at an even playing field for using their abilities. **It does not give your team an advantage, usually.** 3. The damage is average. Nothing special, but I doubt it's meant to be used as a large damage source. If it had more damage, it would be more valuable, but honestly Riot should just improve the **mechanic** of it rather than the damage. If it's changed to be more useful in teamfights or offensivly, then it would be insanely better. 4. Some players have recommended making it knock the person away from the ability, so it can be used offensively if Poppy goes full offense and dives into their whole team. This would make the ability overpowered because of how far they go. I'm not sure how Riot is going to react to the criticism on this ability but that's up to the design team. All the players and I know is that it's not that great. Now don't get me wrong, I like the **idea** of a Poppy rework, but so far it's not that amazing off the get-go. Riot, I'm hoping you will read this and take into consideration some of the changes and weakpoints of Poppy thus-far. Poppy at the moment just feels lackluster and boring. Although this is very refreshing to see Poppy have some love, she still needs some more. I'll be following up with every major change to Poppy and improving the list you see. Feel free to add your own requests or comments on this. Thanks! {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}}
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