My thoughts on the Veigar changes.

They are just fine, Period. So most people appear to have an issue with his E, Event Horizon, being changed to now having a .75 second delay with a warning particle before walls pop up. Before these changes a fair amount of Veigar kills seemed to be too reliant on a Flash-E-W-Q-R to burst down one enemy. My issue with that is it seemed to be the only reason people wanted to save E for, was those Flash E or just E-W-Q-R combo. Now you can use it more strategically. For instance, you can start using it more defensively when trying to escape a teamfight gone wrong. So you run away and cast Event Horizon and the enemy sees that warning indicator knowing that they are most likely going to get stunned unless they go around the cast area, and that actually slows them down a bit more. His new Q also allows you to play more safer in the laning phase. So you can more more confident getting similar farm to more mobile champions and assassins. He is still the same bursty mage that you should be scared about even if he doesn't stun you. Edit: Let me know your opinions. Remember these are my opinions and might not agree with everyone. I'll try to respond to people's criticisms. I would also make one of these for the Mordekaiser changes but i've only ever played Mordekaiser once.
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