[Blood moon Zilean] Feedback

Really enjoy the direction you went with him. the mask, his clock, time bomb animation and its eclipse timer. Gotta tip my hat to the sounds team on this one though, the kabuki sound effects on chronoshift are fantastic. Only a few things I can nitpick here. His auto attack animation is incredibly jittery. feels like it hopping along instead of a steady flowing movement. Time Bomb: The blue line color is not the best choice here. 1) its dificult to see in the river which causes clarity issues 2) it is kind of harsh on the eyes. Time warp: the color has a tendency to get lost when cast on an ally. a few shades lighter would fix this. lastly I have just one question. is he supposed to have something between his hands and his sleeve? or are his hands meant to look like they are floating? Another excellent skin though. I am not a huge zilean player but i might just have to pick this one up when it hits live.

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