Not a big fan of counterjungling in BMB

In my opinion, I feel that counterjungling is a little on the strong side in Black Market Brawlers. 1 Kraken for each enemy jungle camp taken is huge and from when I played, it seemed to play the role of winning insurance. The first problem I see is that right off from the start, counterjungling usually isn't fun for the predator or the prey. Most of the time when the counterjungling is successful it'll throw the enemy jungler into the never-ending state of not being able to catch up. This will usually end up with the team having to baby the jungler, then ultimately a game loss. For me, being encouraged to counterjungle feels way too risk/rewardy and I don't enjoy ruining someone's day if it goes on to be successful. It really doesn't help that when you get rewarded for killing the enemy jungler, then taking his camps (skyrocketing your brawlers into stardom) you have trouble trying not to feel like you're cheating. The second issue is that it **can** be too strong. If your opponent isn't getting help from his entire team constantly being on the prowl in the jungle, taking enemy camps can potentially net you a kill's worth of Krakens on average. The Brawler's aren't too crazy in affecting the game, but when they get really powerful early on they can really sway the tide of battle in their favor. I personally feel they should change the last way of making Krakens to -Taking down a Blue, a Red, Dragon, or Baron gives you 1-2 Krakens That way it's a little less risk/reward and there you have the option to counterjungle instead of it being unnaturally forced.
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