Taliyah feedback thread

Hello friends of the woven stone! Taliyah, the Stoneweaver, is playable on PBE, and we're looking for feedback! I'd like to keep most of the feedback in this thread--I see you've already created some threads and I'll try to jump into them as time allows, but this will be my first stop when looking for feedback. When giving feedback, please focus on *problems* rather than solution, *feelings* rather than analysis. Bad feedback: * I think her W should be a vector cast * Maxing E is clearly the best because of <reasons> Good feedback: * I can't survive the lane! I keep getting ganked and I don't know what to do * I'm nervous to use my ultimate, I never feel I know whether or not it's the time (Once we have stated a problem, we can then discuss possible solutions, but starting with solutions before identifying the problem is putting the cart before the horse.) Here's a few things we are already aware of and my thoughts on them: * Readability on Q worked ground circles. I'm fairly confident that we're in a good place on the base skin, some places in the jungle notwithstanding. It may take you a game or two to get used to looking for the circles, but as Taliyah playing on the base skin you should be able to find your worked ground after you've played two games on her. If that is not the case, please let me know! * W's cast paradigm. The W feels like it should be a vector cast to some people. I have very strong feelings here that it should *not* be a vector cast. We know that vector casting is the hardest input paradigm to learn, and I believe the "press the button twice" cast paradigm of this W is way easier to learn. It also removes the need to compress your two inputs as much as you can: vector cast spells *start* only after your last input (second press in normal casting, keyup in quickcasting), while Taliyah's W has a delay that starts when you press W for the *first* time (so you don't have to rush to put in the second W). I'd like to hear about learnability particularly here. My prediction is your first game on the W will be rough, but you will learn very quickly and it'll become second nature in a game or two. Remember this is the design feedback thread. If you have bugs, please go to the [Bug Thread](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/ElmAe19V-taliyah-bug-thread) Also bonus points if you're streaming your Taliyah games--link me your stream in here and I'll check it out / catch up on VODs. Thank you!
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