An Ashe players perspective on the rework

Hey, Raith Alghul here Just wanted to get a post out there with some player feedback on the update to my favorite ADC, Ashe. I've written an article previously on Ashes current kit (, so I thought I'd offer a bit of insight into the Rework-in-progress that she currently has going on. First the passive, manaless frost shot and more consistent damage from building crit chance and crit damage(crit damage runes apparently don't have any benefit at the moment). I love everything about this change, it fits Ashe incredibly well, it makes Ashes damage even more consistent and makes an iconic ability fit even more naturally into her kit. Q: Rangers focus: This one I'm a bit on the fence about, an attack speed steroid is nice but any balancing around it takes away from one of the best things about Ashe, her consistency, While other ADC have spikes in their damage output live Ashe(aside from crits) will deal the same amount of damage at all times, making her great in drawn out team fights, since her damage doesn't lull at any point. Aside from the stacking effect it also seems just like another boring, press to receive attack speed ability, I would be a lot more interested in an ability that granted attack speed passively, since it wouldn't have the side effect of trying to make Ashe a duelist ADC, which seems contrary to her kiting play style and more in favor of a stand there and trade auto attacks if it's up and run away if it's not play style. I'm not really surte what to suggest as an alternative to this ability, maybe a movement speed boost that had a dash or a slow removal at 5 stacks so that Ashe could get some mobility but have the need to stack it up before using it to it's full potential and only have a stack generate on 5 attacks vs minions/monsters or 1 attack vs champions. The stacking mechanic is interesting but the resulting change to W doesn't really seem like a worthwhile trade, currently the active also seems to apply 5 stacks of black cleaver at once, so I could see that being an issue for balance. It also seems to deal unhealthy amounts of bonus damage during the later phases of the game, well over 100 extra damage(with enough AD) on all auto attacks for 4 seconds is pretty huge. W: Volley: The new version of this ability is clunky and not as intuitive as on live, more arrows hit a single target but they only take damage from one, it reduces her wave clear and poking with it in lane is awkward and not even viable at times, it is also not as useable to kiter multiple enemies now. A better solution to the stacking issue with Q might be to limit the amount of stacks generated from it to 1, similar to how Ahri can only get 3 stacks of her passive from each spell cast no matter now many enemies she hits, this way, the current W could remain intact. E: Hawk Shot: This is a very positive change, the charge system and global range are great for the utility side of Ashe, the loss of passive gold is easily worth it. R: Enchanted Crystal Arrow: As I understand this ability is basically unchanged. I've heard a few people say it slows surrounding targets less but I haven't tested this or gotten any confirmation on it. Does the surrounding slow from the initial target scales with ranks in Ashe's passive now? Also does it still apply a chill debuff for the purposes of Anivias E? Hope this reaches the right set of eyes.
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