I find that the dragon buffs are fairly OP at the moment. I like the buffs themselves so i was thinking of a way to keep the same buffs but still nerf the over effect dragon has on the game. If riot plans on keeping dragon a solo-able minion i thought it might be best to make the dragon buff a timed buff like barons, instead of a perma-buff. the buff still gets better each time you get it but putting it on a timer allows the enemy team to make a comeback still when the buff wears off, much like the baron buff. this is just my opinion and I'm curious what other people think, or what their own ideas are. ive played 10 jungle games so far and it seems whoever gets dragon first tends to snowball hard from there and can easily get the next two dragons, at which point the game is pretty much over. the one exception to this has been due to a d/c player.
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