[Assassins] Talon feedback thread

[_Assassin's page with ability descriptions_](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/preseason-2017/assassins) Welcome to Talon's feedback thread! Below you'll find the goals of the update, an overview of his updated play pattern and how it might accomplish these goals, and then a list of questions I'd really like to get everyone's thoughts on: **Goals** * Add skill expression in his kill pattern (consequently, improve game health) * Give him unique, Assassin appropriate abilities to differentiate him * Lean into his identity as the roaming AD assassin **Play Pattern** * In lane, Talon will look to land both ends of his updated Rake (W) to stack up his new Passive. With it's higher payout but increased delay, Rake is the main thing for opponents to watch out for. * If successful with his W, he can posture for an all in with his updated Noxian Diplomacy (Q) to proc his passive and go for the kill. * Whether or not lane trades are working out, Talon will be looking for opportunities to dip out of lane and take advantage of his new Assassin's Path (E). * If he can clear the wave and make room to roam, Talon can make record time in his ability to jump, flip, and roll over any obstacles in his way to ambush the enemy jungler or gank a side lane. * In team fights, Talon will look to take advantage of the unique and unexpected flanking routes that only he could. * If successful in flanking with Assassin's Path, Talon should be able to make quick work on an enemy squishy with a Q/W/R/P combo. **Questions** * Anything at all about the new E. Is it fun? Difficult to use? Does it suit Talon? Bugs? * With his new but different set of mobility tools, do you feel able to get on your desired target? * With higher potential damage but lower up front damage, do you still feel empowered to kill your target enemies? * When in the game do you feel powerful / weak (early / mid / late) and in which circumstances (enemy has all/no squishies, I was able to roam / I was pushed in, etc.)? And that's all for now! Please put any and all reactions/questions/comments here -- Talon's new mechanics are pretty unique, so every bit of feedback helps!
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