Team Builder available on the PBE! Monday (1/13) and Tuesday (1/14) from 1:00 - 5:00 PM PST!

**EDIT [1/13/2014, 10:38 AM PST] ::: Team Builder will be available at 1:00 - 5:00 PM PST on Monday, 1/13 and Tuesday, 1/14. I'll be available on this thread to answer any questions. See you in Team Builder!** Summoners, Team Builder is coming to the PBE today! On Monday and Tuesday (1/13 and 1/14), we're going to run a PBE test of Team Builder from 1:00 - 5:00 PM PST. Select PBE testers will be able to try out this new feature and give us invaluable feedback on its design and functionality. We got a lot of great feedback on Team Builder in the first two PBE tests, and we have been hard at work incorporating some of your feedback. Team Builder is a complete re-design of Champion Select, which means it’s extremely complicated and there are a lot of changes. One of our goals is to keep collaborating with players on this feature, and collect feedback throughout the development process. **What does this mean for players?** As players, you’ll be able to help us test the feature extremely early in the process, and work directly with developers to evolve the feature over time. PBE is a smaller server, so queue times will be longer, and gameplay experiences will not represent a Live server. Matches might be very unbalanced as players of all skill levels will appear in the same match, but our focus is on testing the feature and collecting your feedback. **The following additions have been made for this PBE test:** - Skin Selection now works, but skin preferences won’t be saved from game-to-game - Role selection is currently limited to "Any Role" - Limited Match Found Ceremony (you’ll hear a gong!) - Added tool-tips for several buttons in the feature - Lots of polish! **The following bugs have been fixed for this PBE test:** - Summoner Spell selections are now saved - Summoner Icons will now show up in the loading screen - Team Builder games will now be available for Spectator Mode - Reduced the volume of sound effects - Added missing buttons in the Champion Select window - You now receive a notification when a group disbands - Team Builder animations can now be disabled in the client **The following features are still turned off or incomplete for this PBE test:** - Friend Invites from Friends List - Dynamic Matchmaking Adjustments - Estimated Wait Times - Anti-Abuse System **How do I get involved and help make Team Builder awesome? ** We'll be using this thread to collect player feedback and answer questions about this PBE test. ***We're looking for more general feedback since we'll be on PBE longer than the previous tests. For example, where are all the places we can add polish to the feature, and are there any points in the feature that seems confusing to you. *** RiotDoctahWayne has a thread [in the Bugs Forum]( that will be collecting information on bugs you’ve found in Team Builder. To participate in future beta testing for League of Legends, [apply for beta access here]( Lyte
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