Adding Simple Recalls- Now on PBE!

**Hello, everyone! It's time for every champion to have recalls, and it's time for it to hit PBE!** In case you haven't heard, we're repurposing *existing animations* to give **every champion** in the game a recall! You can read more about it [here](! As you may suspect, this change affects a -lot- of different champions, so the testing here will be a bit broad. The bugs on this should be rather limited, probably just a skin missing an animation at worst. Feedback is what is really useful, so here are some questions to think about. * Were you excited to see your champion now has a recall? * Does the recall match your expectation? * Does it meet these rules for the project? >*Ruuuuruuus:* * Only use existing animations. No new animations will be created. * Absolutely no gameplay animations (spells, attacks, anything). * Absolutely no stealing animations from other skins. * Avoid breaking the recall ring (don't have the champion move too far away). * Look for Champion Personality moments (ie. Amumu crying). * The animation does not need to be 8s long (opt to return to Idle1 for shorter animations). * Trend towards Idle variants (they're seen far less in the game, as you're often not standing still). * Trend away from dances - dancing is already something you do for the animation, so we don't want to double up unless it really fits the champion, or there are no other options. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts, and I hope you have a nice day. :D --- List Format: >[Champ] >[Animation(s) used] >[Skins affected] {{champion:103}} Ahri Idle3 Base, Dynasty, Midnight, Foxfire, Academy {{champion:84}} Akali Idle3 > Idle1 Base, Stinger, Crimson, All-Star, Nurse, Blood Moon, Sashimi {{champion:12}} Alistar Idle4 > Idle1 Base, Black, Golden, Matador, Longhorn, Unchained, Sweeper, Marauder {{champion:32}} Amumu Taunt > Idle1 Base, Pharaoh, Vancouver, Emumu, Prom King, Sad Robot, Little Knight, Regifted {{champion:34}} Anivia Idle3 > Idle1 Base, Team Spirit, Bird of Prey, Noxus Hunter, Hextech, Prehistoric {{champion:22}} Ashe Idle5 > Idle1 Base, Freljord, Sherwood, Woad, Queen, Amethyst, Marauder {{champion:53}} Blitzcrank Dance Base, Rusty, Goalkeeper, Boom Boom, Customs, Definitely Not, iBlitz {{champion:63}} Brand Idle3 > Idle1 Base, Apocalyptic, Vandal, Cryocore {{champion:51}} Caitlyn Idle3 > Idle1 Base, Resistance, Sheriff, Safari, Arctic, Officer {{champion:69}} Cassiopeia Idle3 > Idle1 Base, Desperada, Siren, Mythic {{champion:31}} Cho'Gath Idle2 > Taunt > Idle1 Base, Nightmare, Gentleman, Loch Ness, Jurassic, Prehistoric {{champion:42}} Corki Idle2 Base, UFO, Toboggan, Red Baron, Hot Rod, Urfrider {{champion:36}} Dr. Mundo Dance > Taunt > Idle1 Base, Toxic, Mundoverse, Corporate, Mundo Mundo, Executioner, Rageborn, TPA {{champion:28}} Evelynn Laugh > Taunt > Idle1 Base, Shadow, Masquerade, Tango, Safecracker {{champion:81}} Ezreal Idle3 > Idle1 Base, Nottingham, Striker, Frosted, Explorer, TPA, Debonair, Ace of Spades {{champion:9}} Fiddlesticks Idle3 > Laugh > Idle1 Base, Spectral, Union Jack, Bandito, Pumpkin Head, Fiddle Me, Surprise {{champion:114}} Fiora Taunt > Laugh > Idle1 Base, Royal Guard, Nightraven, Headmistress {{champion:105}} Fizz Idle4 > Idle1 Base, Atlantean, Tundra, Fisherman {{champion:3}} Galio Idle2 Base, Enchanted, Hextech, Commando, Debonair, Gatekeeper {{champion:79}} Gragas Idle2 > Idle3 > Idle1 Base, Scuba, Hillbilly, Santa, Esquire, Vandal, Superfan, Fnatic, Caskbreaker {{champion:104}} Graves Idle2 Base, Hired Gun, Jailbreak, Mafia, Riot, Cutthroat {{champion:120}} Hecarim Taunt > Idle1 Base, Blood Knight, Reaper, Headless, Worldbreaker {{champion:39}} Irelia Dance Base, Nightblade, Aviator, Infiltrator, Frostblade, Lotus {{champion:40}} Janna Idle2 > Idle1 Base, Temptest, Hextech, Frost Queen, Victorious, Fnatic {{champion:59}} Jarvan IV Idle4 Base, Commando, Dragonslayer, Darkforge, Victorious, Warring Kingdoms, Fnatic {{champion:24}} Jax Idle4 > Idle2 > Idle1 Base, Mighty, Vandal, Angler, PAX, Jaximus, Temple, Nemesis, SKT, Warden {{champion:38}} Kassadin Idle2 > Idle1 Base, Festival, Deep One, Pre-Void, Harbinger {{champion:10}} Kayle Idle3 > Idle1 Base, Silver, Viridian, Unmasked, Battleborn, Judgment, Iron Inquisitor {{champion:85}} Kennen Idle2 > Idle1 Base, Deadly, Swap Master, Karate, M.D., Arctic Ops {{champion:96}} Kog'Maw Idle2 > Idle3 > Idle1 Base, Caterpillar, Sonoran, Monarch, Reindeer, Lion Dance, Deep Sea, Jurassic {{champion:7}} Leblanc Idle3 > Idle1 Base, Wicked, Prestigious, Mistletoe {{champion:64}} Lee Sin Taunt > Idle1 Base, Traditional, Acolyte, Dragon Fist, SKT {{champion:89}} Leona Taunt > Idle1 Base, Valkyrie, Defender, Iron Solari, Barbecue {{champion:117}} Lulu Idle4 Base, Bittersweet, Wicked, Dragon Trainer {{champion:99}} Lux Idle4 > Idle1 Base, Sorceress, Spellthief, Commando, Imperial {{champion:54}} Malphite Taunt > Laugh > Idle1 Base, Shamrock, Coral Reef, Marble, Obsidian, Glacial {{champion:90}} Malzahar Idle3 > Idle2 > Idle1 Base, Vizier, Shadow Prince, Djinn, Overlord {{champion:57}} Maokai Idle2 Base, Charred, Totemic, Festive, Haunted, Goalkeeper {{champion:21}} Miss Fortune Idle3 > Idle2 > Idle1 Base, Cowgirl, Waterloo, Secret Agent, Candy Cane, Road Warrior, Mafia {{champion:82}} Mordekaiser Attack3 > Laugh > Idle1 Base, Dragon Knight, Infernal, Pentakill, Lord, King of Clubs {{champion:25}} Morgana Dance Base, Exiled, Sinful, Blade Mistress, Blackthorn {{champion:111}} Nautilus Idle4 Base, Abyssal, Subterranean, Astro, Warden, Worldbreaker {{champion:56}} Nocturne Idle3 > Idle2 > Idle1 Base, Frozen, Void, Ravager, Haunting, Revenant {{champion:20}} Nunu Dance Base, Sasquatch, Workshop, Grungy, Nunu Bot, Demolisher, TPA {{champion:2}} Olaf Idle3 > Idle1 Base, Forsaken, Glacial, Brolaf, Pentakill, Maurader, Butcher {{champion:61}} Orianna Taunt > Idle1 Base, Gothic, Sewn Chaos, Bladecraft, TPA {{champion:80}} Pantheon Idle2 > Idle1 Base, Myrmidon, Ruthless, Perseus, Full Metal, Glaive Warrior {{champion:33}} Rammus Taunt > Idle1 Base, King, Chrome, Molten, Freljord, Ninja, Full Metal {{champion:58}} Renekton Idle3 > Idle1 Base, Galactic, Outback, Bloodfury, Rune Wars, Prehistoric {{champion:92}} Riven Idle2 Base, Redeemed, Crimson Elite, Battle Bunny {{champion:68}} Rumble Idle3 > Idle1 Base, Jungle, Bilgerat {{champion:35}} Shaco Laugh > Idle1 Base, Mad Hatter, Royal, Nutcracko, Workshop, Asylum, Masked, Wild Card {{champion:98}} Shen Idle2 > Idle1 Base, Frozen, Yellow Jacket, Surgeon, Blood Moon, Warlord, TPA {{champion:102}} Shyvana Idle4 > Idle1 Base, Ironscale, Boneclaw, Darkflame {{champion:27}} Singed Dance Base, Riot Squad, Hextech, Surfer, Mad Scientist, Augmented, SSW, Black Scourge {{champion:72}} Skarner Idle4 > Idle1 Base, Sandscourge, Earthrune {{champion:37}} Sona Idle2 Base, Muse, Pentakill, Silent Night, Guqin, Arcade {{champion:50}} Swain Idle2 > Idle1 Base, Northern Front, Bilgewater, Tyrant {{champion:91}} Talon Idle4 > Idle2 > Idle1 Base, Renegade, Crimson Elite, Dragonblade, SSW {{champion:17}} Teemo Laugh Base, Happy Elf, Recon, Badger, Astronaught, Cottontail, Super, Panda {{champion:23}} Tryndamere Idle4 Base, Highland, King, Viking, Demonblade, Sultan {{champion:77}} Udyr Taunt > Idle1 Base, Black Belt, Primal {{champion:6}} Urgot Taunt Base, Crabgot, Butcher, Battlecast {{champion:110}} Varus Idle2 > Idle1 Base, Blight Crystal, Arclight, Swiftbolt {{champion:67}} Vayne Idle3 > Idle1 Base, Vindicator, Aristocrat, Dragonslayer, Heartseeker, SKT {{champion:45}} Veigar Idle2 > Taunt > Idle1 Base, White Mage, Curling, Greybeard, Leprechaun, Baron, Superb Villain {{champion:112}} Viktor Idle2 > Laugh > Idle1 Base, Full Machine, Prototype {{champion:8}} Vladimir Idle3 > Idle1 Base, Count, Marquis, Nosferatu, Vandal, Blood Lord, Academy {{champion:106}} Volibear Idle4 > Idle1 Base, Thunder Lord, Northern Storm, Captain, El Rayo {{champion:62}} Wukong Idle4 > Idle2 > Idle1 Base, Volcanic, General, Jade Dragon {{champion:101}} Xerath Idle4 > Idle1 Base, Runeborn, Battlecast, Scorched Earth {{champion:5}} Xin Zhao Idle3 > Idle1 Base, Commando, Imperial, Viscero, Winged Hussar, Warring Kingdoms {{champion:115}} Ziggs Joke Base, Mad Scientist, Major, Pool Party {{champion:26}} Zilean Idle2 Base, Old Saint, Groovy, Shurima, Time Machine
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