Yorick is very frustrant to play

I like how the new Yorick feel but many things are boring : - ghouls have extremly poor HP and average damage - it take a long time to activates ghouls early on - the ultimate is powerfull but non-controllable - the E is too hard to land, i think that's the hardest skillshot to use in the game - the Q spell healing is useless outside of laning phase. Who care about 100 hp when you have 4,5k ? - Yorick is very dependant from ghouls and can't do any damage without them or ultimate - He is good in lane ... and that's all : useless in TF, useless without ghouls and Maiden, useless later 1vs1 too - Yorick is countered by most toplaners (dashs, AoE cleave, hydra, sunfire ...) As for Kled, most people will say that Yorick is OP, but he will be pretty weak.

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