Super Galaxy Rumble's Ultimate

First off, I LOVE THIS SKIN. It's (almost) exactly as I imagined it and can't wait for drop some $$ on it. Now I know the PBE is a constant WIP, and upcoming skins get adjusted on a day-to-day basis, but I'd like to draw some attention to Rumble's ultimate :) As someone previously mentioned, it closely resembles Vel'koz's Rift ability (his w i think) and feels very lackluster for a Legendary Skin ultimate. Rumble himself is launching drills of doom in a line at the enemy, so perhaps the team could add a couple of splashier effects to the ultimate itself post impact. Add more flames extending out of the rift it makes, maybe make the drills themselves have more effects, have the rift look more terrifying, GIVE US THE FIRE, DESTRUCTION, DECIMATION FEEL, etc. **Since it's a legendary there shouldn't be anything holding the team back from going all out on this** :D ps- please get rid of that orange rectangle border! looks very blocky and... well, bad :-/ Other than that this skin is a must buy!! <3

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