Sion Champion Update on the PBE!

Hey all! Sion Champion Update is finally here! Go check him out on the PBE (he is free to all PBE players and skins cost 1 IP). We welcome any feedback on the gamplay, visuals, sounds or bugs you have. A brief summary of his kit (numbers can be found on the PBE): Passive: Glory In Death -After death, Sion discards his weapon and can fight on with his fists for a limited time (auto attacks but no spells). He gains extreme attack speed, 100% lifesteal and deals a % of the enemy’s Max Health on every auto attack. -In this state his health constantly decays, and when it reaches 0 he will be permanently dead. Q: Decimating Smash -Sion charges an extremely powerful swing in a cone for up to 2 seconds. When he releases the swing, he will deal damage based on the time charged. (physical damage, scales with AD) -If he charges for greater than 1 second he will knock up all enemies hit by the cone. The knockup duration increases if he charges more. W: Soul Furnace -Passive: Sion gains permanent Max Health every time he kills an enemy -Active: Sion gains a shield that scales with his maximum health for 6 seconds. He can reactivate it after 2 seconds to deal damage in an AOE around himself. E: Roar of the Slayer -Sion fires a short range shockwave in a line that deals damage, slows and reduces the armor of the first target hit. -If the shockwave hits a minion or monster, they will be knocked back a large distance in the direction of the initial cast. All enemies that the minion passes through will take magic damage and be slowed. R: Unstoppable Onslaught -Sion charges in a direction gaining speed as he runs. This charge can go for extreme distances (about half of the map length) and is steered by the mouse cursor (like velkoz ult). -When he collides with an enemy champion or wall he deals damage and knocks up all enemies in a small aoe around himself and slows enemies in a larger aoe around the point of impact. -The damage and knockup duration increase the further he has charged (like ashe ult) Go smash things! -Scruffy
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