Dear Riot, League of Legends is something I play to have fun, it’s a recreational activity that I enjoy sharing with my friends. If you choose to continue to ignore me as a customer, that’s fine – it’s not my place to make decisions for you.However, time and time again I have been let down, and at some point I will simply put my money where my mouth is, and stop playing altogether. The overwhelming majority of casual League of Legends players just want to have fun, and a big part of that is finding interesting ways to play the game. Sword of the Occult is something that represents that fun for me, it creates a high risk, high reward playstyle, which is what I enjoy, and is something that League severely lacks. It’s not overpowered or unfair, and the playstyle the item creates causes it to be unviable at the competitive level.It doesn’t affect the game negatively for the casual player either, so I ask that you please reconsider your decision, and give players the choice to have fun with the item. Sincerely, RaptorKomandor
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