Is there a reason why Death Timers are so unbelievably high?

Near as I can tell, the Death Timers are becoming ridiculously high very early into the game. By the time you hit 20 minutes, your death timer already hits 60 seconds. Now, I can understand wanting to make games slightly shorter and to make it easier for teams to take objectives after a team fight, but ADCs are already going to take turrets in a fraction of a second, AP champions can take turrets more easily, and the sheer length of the death timer makes it feel like Riot is ACTIVELY punishing you for even playing the game. A 60-80 death timer makes sense in the late game when a good team SHOULD be able to force the game to end after a team fight, but it seems a little ridiculous when a single lost team fight makes you lose the game at 20 minutes. I undestand wanting to avoid every game hitting 45-60 minutes, but can we please avoid death timers that functionally say "if you ever lose a team fight at 20 minutes, then you might as well FF now and get it over with." There HAS to be a comfortable somewhere in between.
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