Yasuo: Animation praise (and implementation suggestion)

So I've been playing around with Yasuo quite a bit, and I have been having a great time. In particular, the animators and animation engineers have done BRILLIANTLY with this champion; his swordplay and between-combat drawing/sheathing of the blade really contributes to his feel as a "flowing" combatant. That being said, a quick idea occurred to me. In Yasuo's joke animation, he draws his sword (as he juggles his bottle); if you interrupt the emote, he re-sheathes it in the sort of direct-to-target-bones style that's normal with other champs when you interrupt an emote. I think there's a chance to make this better. My thought is: can the "draw sword/resheath sword" trigger be applied to emotes? If the capability already exists, I imagine it would be pretty simple to trigger the "sword drawn" state within a split second of his Joke being interrupted. To sum up the intended result: If you activate Yasuo's joke, then give him a move command or otherwise interrupt the joke, Yasuo proceeds with his sword drawn (rather than awkwardly resheathing it). Again, awesome work with this champion, particularly his animations. This is just a quick (hopefully low cost) add that will make him even slightly better.
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