I found a few bugs whilst playing Azir, 1. i found that if you die meanwhile using your ult it does not go on cool down, 2. (this applies to the SR Update i have not tried on the live version yet.) Azirs Sand Soldiers would not attack turrets if they were too close as well as just generally not attack even when in moderate range, 3. spell vamp applied to my sand soilders auto attacks im am not sure if this is a bug or not, but it did give me heavy sustain in lane hell its not a bad thing im just not sure if you ment to do it or not :P but besides that he makes a good mid laner and high potential as a jungler. side note i know this has nothing to do with with azir but i thought id but it in jungle mobs decided they didnt like they're new homes... so they moved. Many thanks to RITO for creating such an interesting champion and allowing me to test it for you. The super cereal player - Fartnuggetpooper

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