Thoughts on objectives

Dragons: I feel like the dragons are a neat idea, but its too early to tell how good each one will be. I think Fire will be the biggest issue and will get changed the most. Elder: Feels powerful and gives a good buff, but I think his respawn timer is a bit long and maybe spawns too late into the game. Blue: The 15% ap helps, but I still don't feel like I need it, though I havent had good experice with it yet. Red: Red Buff still feels weak even with the true dmg on hit. Rift Hearld: This is my biggest issue. He is hard as heck to kill now, which is great, but his buff, just feels lackluster. The Dmd redtion I dont even notice, and the damge is only like 75 magic dmg, which is garbarge. I feel like maybe combining this buff with the old buff would be a cool idea, or buff this one. Heck, you could even make it a permient buff that scales over the coruse of the game. Becasue right now for how hard he is to kill, the buff just isnt worth it. Baron: He feels much weaker with Elder in the game. I think you should make him harder to kill and maybe make his buff more powerful for that. Baron shouldn't be sighltly more powerful then Elder. Becasue I see it as RH and Baron are more powerful then Dragons. Turrets: Turrets still feel worthless. They die too easy still and don't do any damage. I know towers are hard to balance, but they shoudnt be this weak, even in late game. They should feel like real towers. Ininbs: They are still fine, since they werent changed. Scuttle: The crab buff is alot better now, becasue RH and the Dragons will be fought over more. All of them: Make Respawn timers shorter, and make the Turret buff longer. What are your guys thought over this. Are they too weak, too powerful? Do they not fit the theme? Lets discuss this so Riot can get this fixed up so the game is less kill based on has more power on Objectives. Will make games more interesting, even if they do become a bit longer becasue of it. I like the new ideas riot is getting at.

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