So far I think the rework is great. She's obviously meant to be a jungler since her laning is god awful, and her clear is pretty decent so that she can pull off a gank + tons of CC. There are some minor annoyances however. 1. Her passive buckler seems to land completely randomly like Zac's blobs. Is this intended? Losing a potential 15% shield sucks when it's because of RNG. 2. Her Q could have a slightly larger radius around Poppy. There were times where I could hit a creep right behind me and there were times where I couldn't. That inconsistency is troubling. 3. Mana costs are insane when compared to champions like Darius. She has almost an entirely new kit, but still goes oom super quickly. What exacerbates the issue is that sheen doesn't mesh into her kit anymore, so she can't improve her mana pool through items early on. 4. Her ultimate could use some more clarification. In nearly every situation, it's better to not channel her ultimate and simply use it akin to Alistar's Q because of how unreliable and clunky her channeled ultimate is when compared to when it isn't channeled. 5. She seems like a good contender for a support however. Top lane is pretty awful though. Jungle is where it's at.
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