@ZenonTheStoic - About Azir's E

I see what you wanted to do with his E, you wanted it to be a way to escape, but you made it unreliable by making it stop if he hits a champion, then you thought it was a bit harsh and added some things to compensate, but those things you added make it useful in all-ins, and making Azir be in melee range is not something you ever want to happen. This makes it feel out of place. The ability having things to make it good to use in all-ins is counter-intuitive. The ability screams: use me to engage, yet it was meant to be a way to escape. Engaging with it goes against the rest of the kit, and gives you little to no advantage when in an all-in, many times making you die. **Suggested possible change:** * Remove the incentives to use it to all-in like the knock-up and the shield. You shouldn't be taunting new players to the champion to use it in all-ins. Add something that actually helps you run away when interrupted but is useless in all-ins (MS boost or reducing it's CD are two options).
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