New potions feel like they slow you down and quickly become redundant

I was experimenting and using the new potions for once and all I could think was how useless they feel. Not only do they give you mediocre amount of health and mana for the cost but the extra stuff doesn't make up for it. What is it the more mage oriented one adds like.... 25 magic damage on basic attacks. This might be helpful for the first, two levels maybe three but after that it feel redundant and health/mana regen feels too low. I played a game and the only thing it did was slow down my actual building. Because I had to invest 500 gold into one sort of crappy potion. Just feels like a waste of money to have 300 total health regen and 150 mana regen plus a whopping 25 mgic damage on your attacks(at max level I think) when the normal health potion despite being a one time use gives 150 health for only fifty gold(35 previously) the lack of mana potions just makes it harder cause if you're a mage you are either forced to play so passively in lane and hold onto your spells(Which sometimes need to be used on minions to keep up) or feel really lucky and get a kill early so you can invest in early mana regen and you're telling me you get fifty mana from one charge. Alot of spells cost over 50 mana, it just feels like alot of money for little pay out. I'm no math expert and don't know the specifics of gold efficiency but 50 gold one a one time use 150 health pot over a potion that gives less health and 50 mana for 10x the cost feels a little crazy. If you go by math I calculate that ten health potions costing 50 gold gives you a grand total of 1500 health for 500 gold, while ten charges of your upgraded potion for 500 gold and you have to back four times to reach ten charges and you still end up with less total health and 500 mana by the end. The efficency seems way off. You have to waste time by backing to make up for your investment four times and by then laning phase is more than likely over and potions start becoming more and more redundant as items will regen health and mana faster and more efficently. Not sure if other people have seenthis but the gold efficency is way off from my math. And I'm sure others have talked about this but it's about to go live and it feels dumb(to me atleast)

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