Darkstar mode quick review

Saw gameplay footage (skinspotlight stream), watched 3 minutes and already had enough. It's very repetitive. Theme 10/10 Visuals 10/10 Gameplay 6/10 (raises my interest, does not maintain it) Champion pool 1/136 Awesome theme, visuals and soundtracks however the gameplay does not maintain the excitement for long (mainly due to only single champion available). If there were few more champions, maybe there would be more reasons to play it. Modify the abilities of current dark star champions to allow them to push/pull people to the black hole to add more variety to the mode. Game mode just for one champion is meh. {{champion:412}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:121}} Even with only 4 champions the gameplay would be improved a lot. All those champions are very different from each other and modifying their abilities in galactic ways could be interesting. Make them op, make them fun! Perfect opportunity to stretch champion boundaries with a smaller group of them. (I'm not expecting 4 champions for the mode when it first releases but if it's ever coming back again, maybe more champions would make it more interesting)
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