Poppy identity needs to be brought back ! (Suggestions inside)

Poppy used to be a versatile champion who had different build types. As a lvl5 poppy player, there are certain things that are iconic part of her (outside of her broken ultimate) : Mixed damage, Burst, AA reset, Her Q, high risk, lategame power ({{champion:24}} {{champion:75}} tier) - Keep the live Poppy's Q . I feel like Poppy should be more offensive oriented, and her current "Devastating Blow" fits her identity better than "Hammer Shock" (Especially now that she got a frigging 2H hammer) Her Q is a large part of her live damage, and it should stay as it is to make sure she is a lategame oriented champion. The insane burst, the magic damage (even when AD), the aa reset, these are all necessary things for Poppy's identity Bonus idea : Iron Ambassador cannot proc Devastating Blow, unless the target is at less than 175 range, which will cause poppy to bash with her buckler and instantly gain the 15% hp shield. - Change back E to magic damage an add the AP ratio back. Hybrid and AP poppy need some love. Also, magic damage has always been an iconic part of Poppy - Remove W's passive and change active into something like this : " Poppy gains bonus movement speed for 5 seconds and generates a barrier around her for the duration, causing all enemies who dash within to be Airborne (can happen once). Deal X (+ X% AP) magic damage over the duration to enemies inside the barrier" Gives her a small farming tool, + better duelling power and reward you for keeping enemies inside. - Ultimate need to be reworked into something else. Poppy's role has never been to peel for others, especially not now that she's wielding a friggin 2H hammer... She need something to make her more surviable, whilst scaling with items (Like {{champion:24}}'s ultimate ? Idk yet) Idea : Valiant Fighter "PASSIVE : Poppy's total armor and magic resistance are increased by 5/10/15%. This bonus increased the lower Poppy health % is, up to 30/60/90% bonus at 99% missing health. ACTIVE : Poppy focuses on a target, increasing the damage dealt to that target by 20/30/40%. Whilst near X range of this target, Poppy gains %Tenacity and movement speed" (numbers can be changed)
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