@RiotWrekz Concerning the 9/17 Kindred PBE Changes

9/17 PBE Update
The PBE has been updated! Continue reading for more information! ( Warning: PBE Content is tentative and iterative - what you see may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers! Manage your expectations accordingly. ) ! * Remember *: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, and sometimes radical changes.
Hey there. I must say, I'm disappointed. Once again, the PBE is proving to be a waste of time for everyone involved. Every time that a champion comes out either underpowered or overpowered, people ask why the champion wasn't better balanced on PBE. The response is always something along the line of **"The PBE is a bad place for us to gather balancing information."** That makes a lot of sense; matchmaking is bad, you end up playing the champion versus itself a lot, and people are still learning the champion and how to play against it on PBE. Instead, y'all mention how **the PBE is a good place to get people's opinions on how the champion makes them feel.** So what is up with today's changes? With all of the changes that _could_ be made, changes that would pull together the champion into one cohesive kit that feels good to play as and fulfills the proper fantasy, why are balance changes (particularly a balance change that literally no one asked for on this board; I've spent an inordinate amount of time reading the board since Kindred's announcement) being made? You could have taken this chance to do something with the kit. Instead, it seems as if all you're hearing is that people are concerned that the champion is underpowered, so you're just randomly adding to the ball of stats. And adding to the ball of stats in this way is bad, because it eats up power budget that could be used in making the champion all put together. I would much rather play a squishy Kindred whose Q doesn't completely destroy their DPS than a Kindred who doesn't get as low in the jungle but still becomes just another short-range AA-all-day ADC with no synergy in their kit. I'd rather Kindred had at least gotten that buff in movement speed or base AD instead of HP and armor, because those are things that speak a lot more closely to the fantasy. Maybe disappointed is not the right word to use, though. I'm mostly concerned. You've made a champion who _could_ be something special. And you've gotten a lot of suggestions, at least from me, pointing out ways that would bring out that specialness. Ways that Kindred would work better at fulfilling the fantasy. And, instead of seeing changes that move toward that, we instead see tiny little tweaks to stats that homogenize the champion instead of adding power into places where it could both increase the champion's win rates and would also appeal to the fantasy. I've made lots of buff suggestions; **Q doesn't interrupt AAs** (straight DPS increase, because Q and AA can't be used at the same point right now; very necessary for the champion's feeling, because right now the champion has to end up being an AA spammer because that's the only reasonable way to build), **W can apply the first two stacks of E** (straight burst increase, because you need fewer AAs to apply the extra damage from the third W stack; needed because right now none of the abilities really feel like the two characters working together), **movement speed increased to 350** (straight buff for jungle clear speed and survivability because of better positioning; needed because the champion is supposed to be good at chasing, and right now is really bad at it), **more passive stacks from Wolf** (buff to number of stacks one can get; needed because right now there's no reason to go after Wolf's stacks because they're very dangerous and can be replaced with Lamb stacks). I've made suggestions that might be sideways shifts in power; **E's damage changed to be two attacks at once, from Lamb and Wolf at the same time, applying on-hit twice instead of 5% max HP damage** (maybe a buff with high passive stacks or lots of AD; needed because once again Wolf and Lamb don't feel like they work together), or **changing the passive damage to be missing HP** (can't claim this one as my own; it's from @Don Hippie, but it makes a lot more sense, as Kindred wants to finish people off, not just get them low and watch them run away; also would make the ult make more sense because Kindred would be good at finishing off the 10% HP people that are left over). But instead, **the buffs that we see today are completely unrelated to the champion's fantasy.** Yesterday's change (Passive CD from 90->65 seconds) was a good change; but today it feels almost as if you're done with the champion and just putting on the final small balance touches. It feels like now you probably think that the champion is in a good place balance wise, so making any of the changes that would shift around or increase the champions power while improving the fantasy would make the champion overpowered, and therefore can't be done. So it really seems like those changes are off of the table, and I'm greatly saddened. I'm not sure if you understand, but **Kindred does not fulfill the fantasy that they are supposed to.** Kindred is supposed to be two characters working together as one, in their own ways, to hunt down and destroy people. Lamb is supposed to jump around in fights to spread out some beautiful mobile damage. Right now, none of that happens. Wolf feels boring and lazy (literally, he feels lazy, because he does so little), and E makes Lamb stand around like a derp every third AA for no reason. The two don't feel like they're working together. And dashing about with Q in battle is a very bad idea right now in every way (short attack range, two-second CD on your only escape, huge drop in DPS). What you've made, from this amazing possibility space, is a short-ranged, ineffective ADC with a support ult. No one's going to play that. If it's not overpowered, a 500-range ADC who doesn't really speak to a fantasy isn't going to see play. And instead of enticing people with a fantasy, it looks like you're more inclined to just throw stats at the champion to make them overpowered until people play them. Please actually respond. **One of the hardest parts of making suggestions on the PBE is that the feedback loop is really bad. I only think all of this because the only things that I have to go on are the changes that get pushed to PBE.** And the changes that I've seen make me really feel like I'm just talking to a wall. Thanks, FancyKiddo
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