My thoughts on the Diana changes

While I'm beyond happy with seeing Diana changes, I'm concerned her jungling capabilities have suffered. I just tested her out in a practice match, and what I noticed is that I could not even complete wolves without having to recall (albeit my runes were not set up as they are on my real account). The issue seemed to not be one of damage, but of attack speed. My proposed change would be to give her a higher _base attack speed_. She doesn't need better attack speed scaling, as this is now tacked on her E; each time she levels her E up, she'll have higher attack speed whenever an ability is used. Her early game was the only problem I noticed, and this was due to the fact that she only has one or two abilities she can _actually_ cast to give her an attack speed boost in early game (and assuming she hasn't bought her E as one of her first two abilities, the attack speed she _actually _ gets is negligible).
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