Kha'zix Chroma packs that change the color of isolation markers

Bugs come in more colors than just Purple, I would buy a Chroma pack for Kha'zix. Chroma packs could take advantage of the new Isolation marker for the base Kha'zix skin by changing their colors to reflect the color of a Kha'zix Chroma. Or better yet Kha'zix Chroma's might change the color of isolation markers to a completely different color. For example a bright ocean blue Kha'zix whose isolation markers were Orange. Chroma packs might be more challenging on Kha'zix, as he has evolving animations and even changes color when he upgrades his ult; But the color of the isolation markers could match the color of Upgraded Stealth Kha'zix, and the League of Legends community will probably appreciate the extra effort going into new chroma packs.
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