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{{champion:131}} Let's talk about Diana. My all time favourite champion, it you couldn't tell but I'd like to discuss the three changes on pbe. **The thing I like:** The reduced cooldown on q during the early levels. This is really nice as Diana has some bad match-ups where she is forced to q farm. so being able to do that more is definitely good. **How this causes problems:** using q more means using more mana, even though the mana cost is static at 55 more mana overall is still being used and with the recent nerf to dorans ring which Diana likes to stack to be able to have the stats and sustain to try and survive in lane does hurt her. So to make up for this I'd like to propose two things. **1. **Buff her base mana and mana per level growth. This gives her a larger mana pool to be able to use q more with the reduced cooldown without going oom as quickly. **2.** Or buff her mana regen and mana regen per level stat. This allows her to be able to q more and only have to wait a bit to allow mana to regen back to keep q-ing. Out of the two I would rather Riot go with 1. and have her mana pool increased because overall this would be better I think. Especially during lane phase. The other two changes go together. Which was the removal of the passive attack speed on her passive and putting a passive on her e which gives her an attack speed steroid for the next 3 autos. **Why I think this change is bad: ** this forces Diana to rank up if she wants access to any attack speed at all. where in most cases doesn't have any use putting a point in her e until level 5 or 7 especially in lane where it doesn't really do anything in the early levels and having an upgraded q is a better trade off. In the very early levels this also hard nerfs her trading as not having that attack speed from her passive allows you to get her passive off more in extended trades especially against melee enemies. Let's say at level 3 you are the enemy melee champion is trying to all in you. normally a mid lane Diana would have 2 points in q and 1 point in w at this point for the extra early damage. But with the changes this would force her to go 1-1-1 just to have access to that passive so her q would be doing less damage-longer cooldown. Diana would most likely lose that with these changes. There is way more I could get into on why this change is not ideal for Diana and shouldn't be the direction that Riot takes Diana. **An alternative buff/change: ** Instead of doing this change, which I pray gets reverted. Create an interaction that the moonlight debuff could have with her e. Such as if you e an enemy afflicted with the moonlight debuff they are stunned for "duration" and the debuff is consumed or something along the lines with that. In addition to that a buff to her w would be amazing for surviving laning phase a bit more. Not the damage aspect as Diana doesn't necessarily lack in Damage just suirvivablility, particularity through laning phase. So increasing either the base stats of the shield or increasing the ap ratio of the shield would be something that all people who play Diana would really appreciate. I think that increasing the ap ratio of the shield would be the best option. So until Riot decides to make some larger scale changes with Diana particularly around her ult (As right now she can basically only play around her q and moonlight debuff making most if not all her plays very telegraphed) I think just giving her some small buffs to her q (keep the lower cd early), buffing her base mana and mana growth stat (to make up for doran rings nerf and to be able to use q more with the reduced cd), and to give her w shield ap ratio a buff which will increase the shield strength so hopefully she can mitigate more damage from the more oppressive laners against her (which is most, especially the meta ones). Riot could also look into having a moonlight interaction with her e as right now her playstyle mostly revolves around using her q to get the moonlight debuff. I could right an essay on Diana and could talk forever on what could be/should be/shouldn't be changed on her but overall I think Riot shouldn't CHANGE her until they decide to look more deeply into her kit. Just some buffs would be really nice until then. Riotpls<3 Sincerely, A Concerned Diana main.
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