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Instead of just complaining about it (which is completely valid), I'll just leave this one here. It'll be a lot easier to discuss together in one thread. If anything, a rioter can just pin this if it gets big enough, or we can just migrate over when they make a thread. As a rule of thumb, keep the discussion towards his kit, try to stray away from making to many new concepts. Sample Feedback Questions: 1. What do you view as Shen's champion identity? Ex. When you think of Malphite, he's a rock, which says tanky, unstoppable 2. What do you see Shen's gameplay goal is? Ex. Braum is a tanky support, he is suppose to protect his carries. 3. Compare these ideas with his new kit, are they properly fulfilled, or changed? If so, do you see the change as good or bad, and why? 4. How does his gameplay feel like? Responsive, satisfying? Is there something in his kit that you think is missing or needs to be removed? 5. How does it feel like facing him? Oppressive, a pushover? 6. How are his visuals? Smooth, appealing? Does it match his champion identity? To those unfamiliar with all his changes, you can view his new abilities [here](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Shen) at the LoL wikia. His stat changes, which are not listed on the page, are listed here below. > Stats: > Health: 571 => 540 > Health Growth: 85 => 73 > Energy: 200 => 400 > Armor: 25,7 => 25 > Armor Growth: 4 => 2.6 > Health Regen: 1,67 => 2.0 > Health Regen Growth: 0,11 => 0.15 > Magic Resist: 32.1 > Magic Resist Growth: 1.25 > Damage: 60 > Damage Growth: 3,3 => 3
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