Star guardians buffs! (Lux and Jinx changes) xD

I made a post about (against) Jinx buffs yesterday, now i just want to take both Jinx and Lux buffs and talk about something general but still related to the actual PBE patch (so the "this has to go on live forum" crusaders can rest for a while from theyr duties ;P ) JInx buff is JUST BAD on every aspect, and i'm not the only one saying that (acutally, didn't see one positive comment about that change xD), Lux, is a bit less dumb, i mean, is bad, but it's fine they wanted to test it out on the PBE, Jinx's one instead is just OBVIOUS even without trying it out that is a bad change. The point is, Lux and Jinx are in need of some buffs?! Probably! I think Jinx is in a decent state at the moment, and Lux is not THAT bad, but some buffs are probably needed, but NOT THOSE BUFFS. I'm not gonna explain why those buffs are bad, ther are A LOT of posts about that(and one is mine too, as i said). I think those 2 champs need some utility/survivability buffs more than damage. Lux combo one shots, is strong, and the ult is on a low cooldown, Jinx autos are strong, and she is a good hypercarry mid to late game. The point is, those tipe of champs have the problem of going out of favor unless they are really strong in at least a part of the game (lane bullying/temafight monsters...) and/or a bit too much mobility champs/divers are good in the META. Nowdays mobility and "multitasking kits" are more prominent compared to older seasons, and is NOT a bad thing, it's fine, the game change,times changes, games in general changes to be more dynamic and i'm ok with that, BUT you have to take some champs and give to them some self peeling ability or some more outplay potential (even WW now has some outplay potential xD), or just make them more dynamic and/or less monodimensional. I know it seems just a random post about a complains that everyone is doing since at least last season "(ADCs in 2k16/2k17 lul") so i'm gonna throw some (probably bad) suggestions about Lux and Jinx. Jinx --> 1.The Zap gives to her a little dacaying burst fo movement speed(after shooting or at least hitting someone) or 2. The Zap's animation is faster( the projectile a bit slower to give enemies more or less the same time to react). 3. Jinx's passive triggers (with halved statistics) when killing a large or epic monster and cannon minions [this is bad, funny, but bad xD just an example to make her kit more focused on the passive and the "get excited" personality and playstyle that is her best part]. Lux --> 1. Throwing the shield gives to her some decaying mov.speed, like Ahri's Q but weaker [this is bad too xD]. 2. Proccing the passive (so autos or ultimate) gives to Lux a little burst of decaying move speed (like the removed but not forgotten Furor enchanment for boots) so rewards you for using the autos to proc the passive(mid to late game you just stay away and spam from down town actually) and after ulting someone marked you have some move speed to reposition yourself because you stood still for a bit. 3. Lower some manca costs?! Easy at least xD All those changes are some examples i thought while writing the post so are probably bad, but the idea is to give to them some ways to reposition/kite, being more dynamic and a bit more rewarded when committing in a fight...that is the opposite of what they are doing with the actual changes(making them just Ult/Zap spammers), that's funny! xD If you have some suggestions, share them! :)
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