Shen is somehow LESS fun / engaging to play than he was before.

Consider this some constructive criticism and feedback but the new Shen just feels REALLY flat, even compared to old Shen. Q occupies a lot of visual space for not really having that interesting of a gameplay mechanic. For one, it feels like pulling the sword to you should cause an auto attack reset or something. And the sword passing through them, considering how much effort it takes to set up in lane, just doesn't feel right not doing damage. You barely use his W in lane as well so basically you're just pressing Q and auto attacking minions. It's super boring. Old Shen atleast you could play reactively with his W and react to people's poke with his shield and it made him atleast a little interesting to lane with. With the shield on his passive and not being something you're really in control of, he lost that aspect as well. IMO he should be able to throw the sword with Q and then recall it. For a tank he really doesn't have that much CC and almost all of his gameplay in teamfights is "dash behind them, then call sword to slow them". And because the dash has such a long cooldown, you're only really doing that once. Let him throw the sword to cause damage + a slow and then recall to get the auto attack buff. Also, visually, does he really NEED the line between him and his sword? When he recalls it, he should just sheath it and use it for his auto attacks instead of just having a large floating glowstick on top of him essentially doing nothing. It just feels like a lot of unneeded visual clutter and information for something that's not even that big of a deal. Do we really need that much going on for what is essentially "make my autos do more damage when I press Q"? It's probably too late in the development cycle but man... it just feels like he lost a lot of aspects of his kit (ranged harass, reactive shielding) for... well, not that much really. I hope they consider changing his design a bit in the future. And hey if he stays the same well.... atleast he looks cool I guess.

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