Featuring NEW Cassiopeia

First of all i apology for my not very good english. Riot say that they going to change some AP mid champions and for Cassiopeia i hope that will be something like this: PASSIVE (?) dont be some like stacks we dont wont to play League of Legends and do the math. (her passive can be like Illaoi tentecles liek every 15 sek she summon some snake and it is like trap like {{champion:51}} or {{champion:202}} E or maybe like Poppy passive liek every 15 sek she trow some snake form her hand and deal AP ratio + 7 to 14% of max enemy HP) or like Darius Passive like every 15 sek trow snake and poison the enemy for 6 sek 30+ AP ratio + mana ratio? ). Q. (?) Skill shoot with AP ratio + (5 to 10% of max enemy HP). or just AP ratio. W. (?) Some slow or Fear like {{champion:9}} . (we didn't see any new champion with Fear tehnick). E. (?) Maybe some dash {{summoner:4}} tehnick she is snake woman, like go to underground and poop out or maybe like grab trow some snake like Orochimaru and grab enemy for 2 sek and they cant move. R. Same. or ( like summon too many snakes and can have some range like {{champion:267}} R ulty her wave or something like that). P.S. if i have time i maybe going to make visual effect of this tehnick but only if you like my oppinion and say it in comm?
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