I just want some answers on some 6.9 changes

First: Why the change on QSS and MS? I'm not salty or upsetted, i just want to know why, maybe the motivations are good (even if everyone is mad as hell about Zed ult, especially ADC mains, and i can't judge them, i have to be honest). Second: Why removing boots enchants? Or, in particular, why doing it for THAT reason, you said "Alacrity is too good and popular right now, and it's a problem because almost every champ has lots of base move speed etc..." ...ok, i'm ok with this, but what about nerfing it to 15 and see what happens. I like Distortion on some champs, and i like Furor on ADCs for kiting or on melee autoattackers for sticking on the target, and even if those enchants are quite good, everyone can buy those(really, EVERYONE, unless new Cassio xD ) so is not making a group of champs stronger and others weaker, they are purchasable by EVERY SINGLE CHAMP IN THE GAME right now. If the problem is alacrity just nerf it or remove it, ok we will have only 3 enchants and one is not so popular :D (but i still see it sometimes),but i don't see the reasons behind removing EVERY enchants if ONLY ONE is too good.... unless your explanation wasn't about the main reason for the enchants removing, but this make no sense at all xD I repeat, i just want some answers i'm not salty at all, is PBE ,things can change get reverted and so on, so i'm ok with everything and i truly believe you have some reasons for every changes,i only want some more explanations. Thanks! :)
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