Tristana jumps into action!

**Blasting onto the PBE is none other than the Tristana update!** This nimble cannoneer is one of the first forty champions that released for this game, so needless to say she needed a little love. Our goals for Tristana were to really develop Yordle (rip meglings) proportions to a greater scale, both as a race and for the dimorphic genders. On a character specific scale, we wanted to bring out her personality and polish her visuals and gameplay. In her update, you'll find brand new models and textures for her base and across all her skins. This also goes for sounds, visual effects, icons, animations, and VO! Everything! RiotVesh has also done some gameplay changes on Tristana to bring a little more gameplay into her kit with a brand new 'sticky bomb' spell replacing her previous Explosive Shot. As you try out Tristana on the PBE (or see her elsewhere and have feedback), please try to keep these questions in mind, as I'd be curious to hear your responses. * Does this still read as Tristana to you? * Is there a particular skin that stands out to you? * Do all of her VFX still convey the same effects, or better? * How does the new Explosive Charge feel? Did you find it fun to use? * How do you feel about these proportions? With respect to their appropriate characters, how do you feel Lulu and Poppy would be with them? * Do you feel we missed anything important in this update? We'd really appreciate it if you'd take a look at Tristana, and shoot any bugs and feedback that come your way back at us. Your feedback helps to guide changes we can make, as well as helps us grow as a team. FAQ: Does Tristana have new VO? *Yup. We wanted to add some depth to her character (as well as more than 9 lines). * Tristana doesn't match the current (semi-new) splash. Is she receiving a new one? *She is! It's still being worked on though, so hold tight for now.* What's up with her teeth? *Small UV error. Should be fixed up before live.* Is that a rocket in your pocket? *Why, yes. Yes it is.* Rumble or Teemo? *Hmmm.~* [*Check this out if you want more context into what we've done on Tristana, as well as more about our goals while working on her. *](
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