Better Karma Supp yeeeah… wait…??? WTF!!!

Hello! (Sorry for my bad english) I was so happy when I ready the announce: new change for a better Karma Supp. Cooool Karma is my most played champion and I playing here sup. So this it for me ^^ Hum… wait… wtf??? XD Yeah for now, I'm not really sure this is a good new. But I still in progress so I give my feedback, before it done. First I like the actually kit of Karma. She lot of fun too play, with lot of lanes and gameplay possibility. I'm playing her supp, because I like supporting team. I'm not really want a new kit, maybe some little buff (who say no to a buff). After playing the two versions of her (I wait the 3th) I still think the same. And I afraid to lose my favorite role champion :/ I trade my feeling about if it can helping: THE GOOD: RW - critique and heal for ADC and Team Really useful in the metatank. Against tank sup like Malphite, Nautilus, Braum… How many game I have now with stronger tank support dive on Karma and her ADC and destroy all, with a safe tank's ADC taking easy free kill. This version of Renewal really balance the trade 2v2 early game against a Karma supp. She give heal like a "standard" support (Soraka, Nami, Sona…) with boost damage. It's pretty cool. RW - More duration? Hum who finish the duration of Karma root W? Percentage? 20% 30% in positive way. So duration for what? maybe I have a misunderstand? W - root monsters is unless, fun but unless… if you are alone with your carry for a quick kill. It doing not difference. Maybe for the crazy junglers can't be a challenge doing jungler with Karma?? ^^ E - stronger Shield is useful in teamfigth, really help team too win… I'm pretty OK with it. RE - BUT HELL OF KARMA'S PLAYERS WHERE IS THE SHIELD BLAST!!!?? For me I can't play without and I explained after. (Don't do this plz). Passif - I play a agressif Karma, with lot of poke and auto attack. I'm okay with it. Can be cool and fun and this a nice up. THE BAD: 1- I like a lot of Karma players, I like the actually kit of Karma. Really. We are a niche players but true fans ^^ She don't need rework for us, and for players versus. I don't really understand with Riot and Rick Maher doing this. What the unofficial reason? The metatank? The fantasy having a unique gameplay supp for champion (so boring :/ ) ? Force use rework items supp like Ancient coin & Ardent Censer? 2 - Sad for top and midlaners and even for supp like me. I respect Karma player's that like playing her Top or Mid. It really cool to know she is multitask laners because of this gameplay. It sad to think players go looking the "dead" rework champion they love. It little the same for me. I playing her supp, but I have a bad feeling in the way she going with this tentative set. 3 - the worse: Remove Shield Blast Why do that. AoE DMG is so Karma. Having to chose the good mantra'spell at right time. And Shield Boom, Shield Blast: Defiance DMG is so useful for me: - doing a lot of assist in big teamfigth winning… yeah support like assists and money with it. - secure kill it so useful when it the only chose, for protect the team in a hard trade. - reverse a bad teamfight for a unbelief win, with good engage or disengage shield damage. - Help team doing Drake or Nash - Help push the carry, Shield damage all the minions for a unique last hit ADC for pressure tower or quick back fight. - Clearing wave push or unpush for free golds and back to the team. 4 - no more true mage. I like Primary and second role for champions. It so cool too explore lot of game play with a champ and adapt it with evolve game. How many time in solo Q, I have to go full mage because a bad or afk ADC. Chose a role IN THE GAME it's strategic way. It sad to chose a prisoner champ. At the champ selection you know that game you will do: support. Don't care what ever happen in the game. If Karma is not so played, why lose Karma top and mid players? And risk lose Karma support too? For Know my feeling is some sets news is good: passif, tether critique and heal, stronger shield (okay she seem like OPE, but more like a ZED, Ahri or LeBlanc MID? or a METATANK?) But no more MDG on Tether and, the worse, remove Shield blast… give here a boring gameplay. Even in support role. if I have too chose, my preference go for a "weak" actually Karma set because she more fun to play and give more reward for the player I'm, if a do a good game. THE UNGLY: This PBE better Karma is boring. But I wait the over set. Don't sheet her please :) Cya.
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