Vladimir Rework Impressions

{{champion:8}} I've played a whole lot of Vlad on live, something like 1500-2000 games, That doesn't make me the best, but it does make him my favorite champion. Now to business, **Transfusion **feels fairly strong in lane thanks to the double damage on the third cast, but also due to the new heal mechanic, I've had to be so much less careful managing my health than before, and have been able to win a lanes with that poke alone. Movement speed and early boots makes this possible. The huge sustain comes from the flat per level amount and may be slightly over-tuned. The other problem I have is AP scaling but I'll cover that more later. **The new tides of blood**, or 'Blood Nova' which might fit better now, is a really cool concept but very clunky. -1 second charge for full effect is nothing, and the payoff feels much like a regular ability, I found myself full charging constantly save for last hitting minions. -Projectiles stop on collision with minions or champions -Multiple projectiles will stop on the same minion, (Seriously 3 of them will get blocked by the same minion and only deal damage once) -The way scaling is set up right now, Health is much more favorable even with the 0.7 AP ratio you moved from Q and R. There isn't much reason to run a squishy AP build when health and defenses will give me almost the same damage output on a 2.75 second cast. (+1 for charge time) -Animation doesn't match hitbox at max range -Health to damage ratio isn't shown on tooltip until skilled up. **Hemoplague** More often than not I haven't even needed to use it, I got the payoff once in a team fight where I returned from pool with a sizeable health chunk, but in lane it's not very strong due to the changes to AP scaling, base damage, and lack of targets to receive the full effect. I really think Tides of Blood needs more work above everything else, It's incredibly awkward to aim at a given target (Even stationary minions) due to the nature of the blocked projectiles. When I heard about it initially, I thought itwas a piercing AoE, which slowed the longer it was charged to anyone within the zone. And that seemed perfect. How I would rework it, is lowering the early damage, adjusting the current power curve, and making the charge time longer, delivering a bigger payoff for something like a 2.5-3 second maximum charge time. If not that, lower the damage output and make it pierce, because it's a bit silly right now.
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