Shen sword mechanics feedback

This is just my initial feedback on Shen's new spirit sword mechanic. I love the idea and the ways to play with the sword, but it isn't very satisfying to use. The reward for using the sword correctly doesn't very visible from a player perspective so far. It doesn't feel very clear on whether or not I've got the bonus. With a tool that isn't very easy to position, a situational slow and a slight damage boost doesn't give a sense of satisfaction for actually landing the sword hit. Also the visual difference between Shen with the extra buff and Shen without the buff seems minimal. Having a change of color or something similar when the sword makes contact with the enemy would help clarify that. Adding some sort of damage on to the sword pass would be one way to fix that. Giving Shen a movement speed boost upon landing the sword hit would feel more reliable and satisfying than slowing the enemy when they're fleeing. In my opinion, landing the sword hit correctly should be a more satisfying moment for a Shen player, especially since the cooldown on the dash is so high, making the E Q less frequent, and thus, increasing the difficulty of actually landing the sword hit. This is just my input at this time. I'm still learning the character and finding out what I like about him and dislike about him. But this is my initial feedback after playing two games with him. Other than that the kit seems pretty solid. Higher skill cap now, but strong in its own way. I like the direction that the kit went with the W changes. What do you all think? Is the sword mechanic satisfying to you? Or do you think it needs tweaking too feel more worthwhile?
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