Arcade Map Accent is now enabled for testing on all Summoner's Rift Queues and Custom Games!

Ahoy there \o In Maps and Modes land, we have been cooking up some new fun goodies for you guys! We have created what we call a Map Accent, somewhere between a full Map Skin and a flavor piece (see: Mid Season Invitational, Worlds). As part of this Map Accent, we've got: * Arcade themed Turret, Inhibitor and Nexus skins! * Arcade Props, including the ever adorable Pixel Poros. :D * Top, Mid and Bottom Lane center decals! * Arcade Minion Skins! * Custom level-up and last hit sounds! * Arcade themed music! * And moreeee! One thing we've implemented for this Map Accent, that we haven't done before is a **Disable Toggle** for the map accent! So if you decide that you want to opt out of this experience, you can do so via the Video Options menu! This is one of our first times doing a map experience of this size, so let us know what you think! Drop feedback in the comments below! If you run into any issues, please report is via the [Report A Bug Tool!]( {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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