What is the goal of Soraka's changes?

I thought I understood the goal - but the latest changes have thoroughly confused me. I'm not asking because I'm offended or concerned -- I don't play with or against enough Sorakas to have an informed opinion -- I'm just curious. At first I thought the point of the "transfer" was to choose whether to heal yourself or to empower the healing to your ally, which came at the expense of the missing-health scalings. From what I gather: people find her sustain oppressive and this was a way to turn down how "infinite" her presence was. The issue with the first implementation (on the PBE) was that the refreshing timer just encouraged Soraka to hold-out, and this wasn't intended gameplay. But now... both characters get full healing. Soraka is even rewarded for casting W as soon as possible. It feels like all decision making this change added has just been removed. :/ I was expecting the Alignment buff duration to be increased but made non-refreshing (so you have time to react but the longer you wait the less your ally benefits); or (when I read the partial S@20 update) that the healing would only happen at the end of the 3 seconds (without the instant-effect on Soraka - so she has 3 seconds to choose who gets the healing).
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