Graves rework is too much. Please take a look.

You guys all remember the Juggernauts ? You guys remember Darius and how OP he was compared to the other reworks ( Or Skarner if you prefer ) ? Well this is happening with Graves. The main problem I think is his Q beign super easy to land and not so easy to dodge combined with a smokescreen ( That combo isn't hard to place ) and hard to see in Teamfight. That second explosion damage is intense, and has a pretty long range for a close range champ. Now I'm not a pro or anything, but I'd suggest to down the damage of the second proc and to give him more utility instead. Like a movespeed buff after his E or a bigger slow on his W. Also the range indicator on his ult is pretty sweet but DAYUM that has a long range. I found myself sniping people with it all the time and I think it doesn't fit the short range shotgun-ish style. Anyway I maybe dumb and wrong but I hope this will be took into consideration by someone. _**Lietchenstein**_. _**A simple normal player**_.

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