Am I the only one who plays on the weekend? And then only if it's an actual fun mode? I've been playing since 1.0 release. Sooooo sick of Summoner's Rift. I get that for a competitive mode this is def the map to use. But for jumping in and having fun... not so much. I want instant action. What fun is All for One when you still have to lane. ZzzZZzz Been doing more custom games on Howling Abyss so everyone can just enjoy themselves. We need a permanent game mode that isn't Summoner's Rift or Twisted Treeline. ARAM is still a good go to for instant action, but I even find the custom 5v5 Blind Picks to be fun on that map. Draft is where it's at, but god, it takes forever to fill up, and then you're stuck with the same people. I dunno, just throwing out my thoughts. I find myself not enjoying league like I used to. Guess it's just the changing of the times.
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