New Malz ult and QSS interaction

first of let's start with comparison of his new and old ult Nether Grasp 100 Mana 120 sec Cooldown Malzahar suppresses a target champion for 2.5 seconds and creates a zone of negative energy around it that deals **6/8/10% (+0.01%)** of nearby enemies max Health as magic damage per second for 5 seconds. VS OLD Nether Grasp 100 mana COOLDOWN: 120 / 100 / 80 Active: Malzahar Airborne icon knocks down the target enemy champion and channels for up to 2.5 seconds, Suppression icon suppressing them and dealing them magic damage every half second while the channel holds. **怌 Magic Damage Per Half Second: 50 / 80 / 110 (+ 26% AP) 怍** New ult is clearly lacking burst dmg that current on live server offers. It's good vs tanks and champions that scale lots of HP and you aren't fighting such champions on mid UNLESS RIOT wants Malz to become top laner (immobile mage vs tanks with bunch of CC or bruisers and junglers with gap closers?). Not to mention that you need tremendous amount of AP to make it stronger compared to old ult ----- Now the QSS part In live server QSS saves you from suppression BUT you still take damage from his ult unless you CC Malz/kill him or run away from range of his ult. It's fair for both malz and his target. and now let's look at his new ult. His "lazor" don't deal damage anymore but the zone that he creates. QSS completely makes his ultimate garbage since after you use it you just make 2 steps from zone and you are safe from his dmg... 1 item shouldn't make champion ultimate useless. RIOT even made QSS not work vs Zed/Fiora ults so why those Malz have to be completly countered by this item? ----- this needs to be addressed ASAP suggestions: 1) give the null zone** gigantic slow (70%?)** and make size of null zone bigger every second.After you use QSS you will still take damage from his ult since you won't be able to run away from it fast unless you burn flash or use mobility spell 2) give the null zone **slow (30~40%), grounding debuff (look Cass W ability)** and make size of null zone bigger every second. If you decide to get QSS then after you use it you will still take damage from his ult since you won't be able to run away from it very fast or use some dash/blink ability unless you burn flash 3) bring back the flat damage to his ultimate attached to his "lazor". QSS will save you from suppression, allow you to move away from Null Zone and ran away/try to kill Malz but you will still take damage from his ultimate
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